Clocks restored in August 2015

I am posting pictures of gorgeous clocks I had the privilege of restoring and repairing successfully.  Here is a tall case clock by William James of Brecon (South Wales), probably late 18th century.


Here is another 1800 tall case by Williams Thomson from Dalkeith.  The dial is very well preserved and appears to be original.  I did not find information about this clock maker.



I had the pleasure of having 2 French portico clocks to repair.  I kept them as long as I could and enjoyed them.  But, sadly, I had to return them to their owners.  One is by Julien Le Roy à Paris who was the King’s clock maker in 1739.


My newest purchase: a 1780 Tall case Scottish clock

I found this treasure at the Ottawa Antique market on Bank Street. It is in a poor shape; the case must have been nice years ago and the movement is the dirtiest I have seen in my life; it is also missing the fly wheel and part of the suspension. The face is brass andin good condition, although it’s missing the 4 posts to attach it to the plate. It reads Robt Clidsdale, EDINBURGH. This name does not appear in Britten’s list of old clock and watch makers. I am in the process of restoring it and I will post pictures of my progress as time goes by.


This Herschede, made in Cincinati, tall clock is part of the furniture of the US ambassador residence in Ottawa. I was called to repair it and getting to run in 2009, after the new ambassador moved in. Some of the tubular bells had fallen off and it needed some oiling.

With he arrival of a new ambassador in 2014, the residence had to be repainted and the clock had to be moved. I had to return to restart the clock but this time I determined it needed a full cleaning. It is now working well and I hope nobody is going to move the clock without calling me first