Introducing Alec Royer

Yes we are related – he is my grandson and he’s taking over.

Since he was in his car seat he has been watching the clocks in the house. His first words were “tee taa, tee taa” as he imitated the cuckoo clock in the kitchen. As he grew he would sit beside me in the workshop.

As a young man he asked me to teach him. Every year when he would visit for the summer I would train him – he even came on house calls. When I would visit Vancouver our free time was spent working on clocks of friends and family there.

And now, after two years official apprenticeship, he is taking over the business.

Alec testing a three weight clock
mid rebuild after routine cleaning

I wish him the best of luck and success in all his endeavours and believe he will make me proud as the new Rideau Clock Repair man.