A Rare Swedish Tall case clock

The case of this clock has a shape that looks veru much like the French Morbier grandfather clocks of the 19th century.  However French clock were never painted white and gold.  This is a clock from Sweden and they are quite rare in Canada.  It is estimated that it was built in the early 1800s.

This one has an 8-day movement with 18 pound square weights.  And it features a three-bell striking mechanism.  It strikes one on each bell for each of the 3 quarter-hour; and on the hour, the 3 hammers strike in sequence (1..2..3..) for each hour being struck.

The clock was purchased from an antique dealer in Ontario who said the clock was in running order and had been cleaned by a professional clockmaker.  It turns out that the movement was filthy and had not been cleaned for many years.  I suppose anybody would be scared to take apart a clock with such a different striking mechanism.  I did not hesitate to take up the challenge and the clock is now cleaned, freshly oiled, adjusted and running well.