Early 1700 Dutch grandfather clock

I had a rare opportunity to restore this early 1700 Dutch clock which had been in storage for over 50 years and needed a lot of work.


The face shows the name Daniel LeFèvre – Haarlem.  It has a calendar and a pie shape dial which indicates the day of the week.  I have not been able to find information on Daniel LeFèvre but a Dutch clock expert, Mr. John Ruhland, agrees the clock is from the early 18th century.

It has the traditional Dutch striking mechanism, with 2 bells.  The small bell is used for the half hour and it rings the number of strikes for the upcoming hour.  That is: at 1:30, the clock strikes 2 on the small bell.  Then on the hour, it strikes 2 on the big bell. It also has an alarm operated by a separate weight.

The case is in a very good condition.