Success! Your very clear instructions worked perfectly.
Thank you so much for your help, and for such a quick response to my problem.

All the best in your “semi-retirement”; it is surely well-deserved (4300 clocks is a very large number)!

I feel very lucky to have had you service our clock before you curtailed your business, and certainly appreciate that you are still willing to help out past customers.

Thanks again,
July 5, 2019

Juanita Jacklin-Kennedy

Thank you, Georges, for repairing my cuckoo clock - it has now been running for two weeks and I am delighted with it! The icing on the cake was last Sunday, Mothers Day, when our family was visiting, and our 2 year old great granddaughter was thrilled with it! She kept running around saying "cuckoo!" and waiting for the hour to hear it again.
Many thanks
Rick Doyle
May 2019

Rick Doyle

Un grand merci pour m'avoir convaincu que le mouvement de la vieille horloge que je vous avais apportée valait la peine d'être réparée et pour la manière dont vous l'avez réparée. Je vous remercie aussi des excellents conseils que vous m'avez donnés. Cette pendule marche bien maintenant et rappelle à ma femme des souvenirs d'enfance quand elle visitait ses grands-parents à Tiverton dans le Devon.
17 août 2018

François Jeanjean

I just wanted to let you know that we are ewllyenjoyingour French mantle clock and banjo clock and wanted to thank you for getting them back in working order.
October 20, 2018

Deborah McVean

How wonderful! You are a very skilled craftsman, and I thank you for your diligence in accomplishing this. There are not many people left with your abilities. I am so pleased, and I know my dear father and grandmother are smiling too.
November 25 , 2018

Lorna Rae
Perth ON

Yes! The clock is working perfectly. We are so happy to hear the chimes again. This clockmeans a lot to me as I remember it in my grandparents home when I was little. Thak you so much. Your skill and dedication is appreiated.

Jennifer Bygrave
Ottawa Feb. 16, 2017


Hello Mr. Royer
The clock is working just fine. It is nice to hear it ticking and bonging again, I really missed it.
Richard said that you did not charge him anything to fix it. That was very generous of you.
Thank you

Carol Gervais
Ottawa Septembre 2017


Bonjour George,
Je vous remercie. Les horloges vont très bien.
Ça fait chaud au coeur de les entendre sonner.

Sylvie Sugrue
Ottawa Mai 2018


Hi, Georges
The French mantle clock and the old banjo clock are both installed and working well.
Thank you very much. Mom is very pleased and so are we.

Deborah McVean
Ottawa May 2018


Monsieur Royer
Un grand merci pour m’avoir convaincu que le mouvement de la vieille horloge que je vous avais apporté valait la peine d’être réparée et pour la manière dont vous l’avez réparé. Je vous remercie aussi des excellents conseils que vous m’avez donnés. Cette pendule marche bien maintenant et rappelle à ma femme des souvenirs d’enfance quand elle visitait ses grands-parents à Tiverton dans le Devon
Nous en avons profité pour obtenir des détails supplémentaires sur cette horloge. Elle fut faite par un horloger du nom de Richard Lear à Plymouth, également dans le Devon très probablement aux environs de 1780. Cet horloger devait être assez réputé car j’ai vu à mon grand étonnement que des pendules de cet horloger similaire à la nôtre se vendaient entre 5000 et 8000 livres anglaises
Encore une fois merci
Francois P. Jeanjean
Août 2018

François Jeanjean


So far so good as my old clock is running like a charm and thanks
again for a job well done.
John McGee
April 2017

John McGee

Thanks, Georges.
I really appreciate that you took the time to look at my clock and get it back into 'singing' mode again. It will be so nice to it coo-cooing again.

Mary Lou
June, 2017

Dear Georges,
The clocks are marvelous. Thank you so much for your time and effort in getting them into good working order. Many thanks.

Jenny Walhaut
July, 2017


Hello Mr. Royer: thanks for your message and especially thank you for your excellent work to set up our clock. We visited with Joan Bradley yesterday and we told her that you had done this work. She gave us a huge smile of recognition when we mentioned your name. The clock is working properly and we are delighted with the regular chimes. Indeed we will contact you if we have any questions or problems. Good wishes. Garry and Janet Gauthier
March 31, 2017

Garry Gauthier


Dear Georges
Thank you so very much for the time and work you have spent on my clock.
I can't tell you how happy I am to hear it ticking away and the lovely chimes on the hour. It is my friend and I am so glad to have it operating once again. With grateful thanks for spoiling me.
May 2017

Cynthia Lewis
Vancouver B.C.

Our Atmos is really fine I must say. As usual you did a great job...Dave says it runs about 1 minute fast a week which is very easy to fix. One of my friends has your card stuck in his clock for a future time and another friend was interested in hearing about you. Thanks for your concern.
March 2016

Marilyn Foster
Owner of an Atmos clock

Yes! The clock is working perfectly! We are so happy to hear the chimes again. This clock means a lot to me as I remember it in my grandparents home when I was little.
Thank you so much. Your skill and dedication is appreciated

February 2017

Jennifer Bygrave

Thanks Georges,
I really appreciate that you took time to look at my clock and get it back into "singing" mode again. It is so nice to hear it cooing again. My mom will be smiling from above.
I am sending you a little more than you quoted me, in appreciation for your time and effort.

February 1, 2016

Mary Lou Hansen


Once again thank you for taking the time to bring the metronome back to its former self.
We have had several piano practice sessions as well as Amelia’s lesson and it has kept time very well.
I was very sorry to have missed thanking you in person, and to also thank you for sharing your amazing collection of clocks. I loved seeing them as did my mother and my sister.

Warm regards,
May 8, 2015

Karen Sabo


Hi, Georges. This is just a little thank you call for doing such a tremendous job on our clock. It's working better than it ever has and I really appreciate all the work you did. Any business I can throw your way, I'll certainly mention your name. (from a phone call in June, 2015)

Mike Cummings
Ottawa, June 2015


Dear Georges
The clocks are marvelous. Thank you so much for your time and effort in getting them in good running order.
Many thanks.

Jenny Walhart
Peterborough Decembre 2014


Greetings Georges,
Some time ago you were kind enough to give me some advice on the phone on resetting my Ansonia clock (which you had worked on the previous year).
I just wanted to thank you - rather belatedly- for this, and to let you know my clock is working very well now and is more precise on the time too.

Lin Buckland
Ottawa September 2014


Georges took an 18th century clock that had not run in almost twenty years and got it working perfectly. His support and instructions on how to care for the clock have meant a great deal to us and we are more than pleased with the results.
Thanks again.

Gavin Lusk
Ottawa June 2014

Thank you again for your fine work on our three clocks. It is wonderful to hear them confortably ticking away in the quiet evenings.

Michael Goddard
Ottawa February 2014


Hi, Georges,
Thank you for taking care of our clocks during the past year. They are both working quite well.
Regards and Thanks.

December 28, 2013

Marnie and Jane Baird


Thank you for the great pleasure you have given us in repairing our two clocks. They are running well and we love hearing their chimes. All the best to you and your family for the New Year.

December 2013

John & Joan Klenavic


Trusting the care of our treasured clocks to an unknown entity was not an option. What joy then to find you and your expertise. Your considered and careful refurbishing and repair of both clocks over the last number of years has been wonderful. It means that both clocks (both approaching the 100 year mark) will be viable for the next generations which means a lot to us who respect craftsmanship in the old style. Thank you again.

December 2013

Barbara & John Bethell
Vancouver B.C.


Further to a cross country move our grandfather clock, circa 1780-1820, which had been in the family for generations ended up in a storage shed in pieces.
By coincidence, 44 years later we met Georges Royer and heard of his interest and expertise in repairing all manner of clocks.  He not only repaired the ancient works but put the casing back together again and returned the clock to us in full working order.  We have since been blessed with our first great grandchild and now the eighth generation of our family may enjoy the resonant chime of this old gem.
Mr. Royer also did repair work on two other old clocks.  Of particular interest, a skeleton clock which had not worked for many years.
I would highly recommend Mr. Royer for any of your clock needs.

January 2014

Cynthia Lewis
Vancouver B.C.


Monsieur Royer,
Merci mille fois pour le beau travail de notre horloge coucou. Elle fonctionne à merveille.

Francine Boucher


You fixed my hall clock while I was away and everything is working fine, and I want to say thank you very very much.
It's a softer and easier to listen to clock we have now.
We are both delighted. So we will recommend you to our friends, for sure.
Thanks again for taking the time.

Ron & Carole Chaytor


Mr. Royer,
Many thanks for the fantastic repair! The clock is running beautifuly now - better than it has in years.
April 2013

Andrew Cook


Dear Mr. Royer,
A note to say how greatly we are indebted to you for your attention to our family clocks. Your impromptu visit on Good Friday, regulating both our American kitchen wall clock and our French mantle clock has renewed our confidence that these time pieces will long continue to provide us with their conforting presence; as you so well expressed, they are ''like a heart beat'' in our house.
With much appreciation and with many thanks.

James and Sally Midwinter

I just wanted to thank you (Wally Clemens, president of the Ottawa Valley Watch and Clock Club) for putting me in touch with Georges Royer, I had emailed you last December about recommendations for a clock repairer and you gave me Georges contact info.

I connected with Georges a few weeks ago and I’m pleased to say we have our lovely antique German wall clock back over the fireplace. Not only did Georges give the clock a thorough, and professional cleaning, he was also kind enough to repair the wooden clock housing and replaced some missing finials (after staining them to match perfectly).

Not only does the clock look better, it sounds better! The workings now have a mellow and warm tone not only to the ticking but the gonging as well. It’s like having an old family friend return to stay and keep us company.

Thank you for all of the time and consideration you gave me during my search, it is much appreciated. I’m also happy to have found the OVWCC, thank goodness you have a website! I wish you and the club continued success. Take care!
May 2012

Belinda White
Owner of a 100 year old Junghans wall clock

I would like to thank the Ottawa Valley Clock and watch club for making this possible. The visitors at the National Gallery can now enjoy this fabulous work of art.
Georges, you are precious. It was more than a pleasure to work with you. I was and still am impressed by your professionalism and savoir-faire. Thank you.
Kind regards
July 2011

Geneviève Saulnier
National Gallery of Canada

Thank you again so very much on helping bring this wonderful clock back to life. We love it.
August 2010

Jennifer Hebert

The clock is still ticking. It's very nice to hear the chimes again. Thank you so much for your all your effort on Saturday. We really appreciate it.
July 2010

Terry-Lyn Love

The clock is ticking along just fine. It has run a full 8 days without stopping and is keeping good time.
December 2009

Isabel Millington
1830 British tall case clock

In 24 hours, you managed to diagnose - and then fix - what others had been tinkering with for 24 months (and unsuccessfully at that!). Now I have a working clock - which according to some (and a few of its halmarks) date it to Paris, some 50 years after the French revolution! And after your first opportunity at repair and care, it keeps acurate time (in sync with the NRC!), chimes beautifully (and correctly) and gleams with your clean-up touches! Best of all, I was very impressed with your "follow-up" call to ensure everything was working - to MY satisfaction.

You are truly in the right line of business, with a passion and knowledge of rare, unique and antique clocks. resulting in customer satisfaction... "Time, and time - again!" Merci.
August 2009

Andrew Davies

It's wonderful to see our clocks all keeping time and running smoothly and chiming to beat the band. Sandy is just delighted and so am I. I appreciate very much your wonderful quality and your attention to detail. Thank you very much for being helpful to us.
August 2009

Rob Bryden
Former owner of the Ottawa Senators

The clock is fine. It is running fine and keeping great time. We were pleased with your service. Thanks!
August 2009

Elayne Walton

Dear Georges,

I was able to trace the origin of the clock. The maker of the clock is Simon (Sijmen) Van Leeuven and the clock was built in 1704 or around that time; so 300 years old.

Thanks for repairing my treasure.
September 2007

Rudolf Bom

Hi George,

I am the guy who brought you a hundred-year old Waltham seven chime movement from Mexico and I cannot tell you how happy I have been with your service. You spotted the problem, not identified by two clock makers here, before I left your shop; you fixed it in a week and bench tested the repair for three weeks. Finally, you provided me with enough guidance so that I could set up the clock properly after I drove it home.

It has worked perfectly since then and we now feel our investment was worthwhile.
Thanks again.
September 2010

Roger Heath

Ma belle horloge vient de sonner midi, comme elle sonne régulièrement tous les quarts, les demies et les heures depuis son séjour chez vous. J'ai attendu jusqu'à maintenant pour vous remercier, l'expérience acquise auprès d'autres horlogers m'ayant déconseillé la précipitation. Mon mari et moi sommes ravis d'entrendre un tic-tac net que nous avions pratiquement oublié.
Mars 2011

Claire Hélie-Caron

Hi, George,
Just wanted to let you know that the clock runs perfectly. The first week I had a small problem with the minute hand, but I fixed the problem. It kept hanging up on the hour hand. I ran a test to see how long it would run on one full winding. Result: 17 days.
Great job, Thanks.
June 2011

Fred De Loë
owner of a 1760 French Cartel clock by Le Roy à Paris

Cher Monsieur Royer,

Merci beaucoup pour votre expertise à remettre mon horloge en état de fonctionner. Elle semble bien fonctionner pour le moment, et c'est un plaisir de l'entendre à nouveau. Merci.
Octobre 2010

Dr. Sophia Hrycko